It’s almost hump day of week 2 and it is interesting to read other students Prac blogs. Initially like Lorraine I too was short of time for my first lesson, but this worked in my favour. As the lesson content I was to teach was to be spread across two lessons. It is funny how when planning you look at the timeframes and think ‘WOW’ that is such a long time, I don’t have enough tasks….but sure enough there doesn’t seem to be enough time for the things we want to teach. Upon reflection I can now see why it frustrated teachers when we were late to class back in the day.

It has been interesting implementing different ICTs into the classroom, some days you have a win in finding or developing something for the class; other days you want to pull your hair out. I am currently at a school (like most I assume) where a lot of websites are block and are either not accessible to students period or require the site to be unlocked by IT admin. As such it turns out that this is a plus for my mentor, as I write lessons implementing ICTs that she has lost touch with she can now use these sites/interactive games in the future.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves 🙂